Just Jane living life in color.

Hello, I'm Jane. Welcome to my page. Nice to meet you!

I went to CUNY Queens College with a BFA degree in Fine Arts. When I was a toddler, I discovered my passion as soon as I picked up that pencil. I'd like to think I drew before I spoke. From that moment, till this day, I can not stop creating.

I discovered the world of Illustration, right before graduation, and completely fell in love. Inspiration, for me, sparks from other great illustrators, in the shower, nature, the internet, colors, and moments with loved ones. Although I love painting with watercolor, being versatile is what I am all about; I dedicate my free time exploring different mediums of art: such as, design, typography, digital painting and even animation. I like to create characters, concept art, and tell stories. I want to be challenged and pushed beyond my limits because thats, what I believe, results in great work. 

Each and every day, I learn to embrace the journey instead of rushing to the destination. Through all this, I aspire to build a life long career as a freelance Illustrator, to help individuals make their creative ideas come to life!

Lets Work Together!

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